Sarah’s services are available for all weddings and civil partnership ceremonies.
Whatever your musical requirements, she will be able to accommodate your wishes. Please see her repertoire.


“When would you sing in the wedding ceremony?”
Sarah usually sings during the signing of the register. However, there are other alternatives to this arrangement. Sarah could sing as your guests arrive, during the processional or recessional, or immediately before the wedding vows. In some church services Holy Communion is a part of the proceedings and Sarah often sings during this part of the ceremony. She is, however, able to advise as to specific client requirements.

“You sing so many different styles of music.  Which style should I choose for my wedding?”
Most couples choose two contrasting songs. For example, one song may be classical and another modern. This provides musical variety more likely to satisfy the various musical tastes of those present.

“Would you be able to sing a song that is not listed in your repertoire?”
Sarah is happy to learn any particular song you have in mind for your special day.

“I have not yet hired an accompanist. Can you help me with this?”
Normally, Sarah sings with the accompanist the couple have chosen to play throughout the rest of the ceremony. Alternatively, she can free you of this concern by singing along to a backing track on her very own professional PA, portable sound system.

“How much do you charge to sing at Weddings?”
Fees start at £150. This includes up to three songs during the ceremony or/as the guests are arriving etc. If you require a more extensive musical contribution, Sarah can advise on this.

Please note that travel expenses are not included in these prices when the ceremony takes place outside Nottinghamshire County.


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